The Journal

There is a legend about a group that traveled from one world to another. The legend says that they spent years helping anyone they could find. Then the legends stopped. No one knows what happened to them or if they even existed in the first place. But recently journals were found that seem to say they did.


Journal 1

Day 1:

IT WORKED!!! The Quantum Drive worked!!! We just awoke from stasis and are still trying to restart the lab’s systems so we can check for damage.

Day 2:

The lab appears to be intact, we are still trying to calculate where we are. Once we get the main blast doors open we should be able to find out where we are. The reboot of all the lab’s systems seems to be taking longer than it should but that was expected. We still don’t know how long we were in stasis so these systems could have been off for years.

Day 3:

The main blast door is open. All the security drones are working and it seems our security implants still seem to work to tell them not to shoot us. James wasn’t too happy that we didn’t tell him that was what he was testing.

Now I just need to get the Auto Tunnel working so we can get out of the lab. Since some of the computers are still down we don’t know if we are under or above ground. Hopefully the Auto Tunnel computer is still able to figure it out.

Day 7:

The Auto Tunnel has made it to the surface. It took a few days and in that time we got the rest of the systems up. Once we know where we are we can see how successful the drive was.

One odd thing we found is that the timer that was supposed to track how long we were in stasis seems to have malfunctioned. It currently says 15 thousand year. At first we tried to find a way that this would be possible but the reactor would have ran out of fuel after just a year and the stored energy the system has only lasts 100 years. And beyond that there is a failsafe to wake us up after just 6 months even if the area we are in can’t sustain life.

Day 8:

We can’t seem to find any stars that match what they should. This doesn’t bode well. Some of the others are losing hope. I sent up a satellite that should at least show us the area around us. Maybe we can find some sign of civilization.

Day 10:

I don’t think we are on earth. None of the stars are correct. Even accounting for thousands of years of drift, just to make sure, we still can’t find any stars that match our home. Reynold's and I are keeping this information to ourselves for now. We don’t want to worry the rest of the team.

We all knew this might be a one way trip. I think we all just hoped it wouldn’t be.

Day 14:

We have the sky screen working in the entryway now. Reynolds has moved a sleeping bag out there so he can keep looking for signs of where we are in the stars. Some of the others are thinking we should start exploring the area around us before we get a map from the satellite. I am worried that their fear of not seeing their home again is going to end in disaster.

Day 15:

The first aerial shots from the drone are back. All it has so far is to the north of us, now that it is in geostationary orbit it should get the rest of the map to us quicker.

The map shows that we are in a valley on a mountain and to the north is mostly water. There is a volcano in the sea to the north, that might be useful if our reactor ever runs out of power. To the east I can see some islands but they are near the edge of the map we have. To the east I see a forest that could work for setting up a long term living situation.

Before we decide where to live we should find out what animals live here so we don’t get any surprises.

Day 16:

Rogers has a broken leg now. He was so bull headed about finding signs of life he took some cable and started hiking off to the west. Who knows how he was going to get across the water but while climbing down the cliff he slipped and fell 20 feet. He is lucky we had already started looking for him.

Gates has him sedated. She says he should be able to walk without assistance in 3 weeks and should be fully healed within 2 months.

Day 17:

Since it is now looking like we are stuck here this journal is turning from just a simple research notebook into a full expedition log. For anyone reading this I should explain a few things that are already in this book.

I am Dr. James Green. I have degrees in engineering(both electrical and mechanical), biology, computer science, and one in the study of unusual and odd things.

I work for a lab that was working on space travel. The project I was one of the heads of is called the Quantum Drive.

To understand the Quantum Drive you need to understand the origin of it. And to understand that you need to know about the E.N.D.

We had discovered multiple portals around our world that led to a place that defied all know science. It seemed to be a void like space that should not have oxygen or life but we found both. Most life in that space seemed to have been wiped out a millennia before we found it but their evidence and remnants remained.

We found small islands through the void that had homes and buildings on them. We never found any writings telling us what the place was and despite years of exploring we never found any living things. Because of early descriptions of the place it gained the name of Eminent Night Dimension.

The portals that lead there we discovered rapidly after the first one was found. Our lab alone had 5 in research labs and another 15 in storage. Each portal consisted of 12 blocks 3 on each side of a square with gaps at the corners. On top of the blocks sat what can only be described as lenses that look like eyes.

These portals allowed for instant travel from our world to the E.N.D. which made us start trying to understand them for use in teleportation technology. Within a year of study labs had found ways to replicate the portal for short range teleportation. The furthest anyone could go was around 50 meters. And when teleporting there was no way to control where you went, despite that somehow the portal technology still never transported anything into another object. To this day we do not know why.

Before the discovery of E.N.D. the lab I work in specialized in space based technology. Our prized device was the Quantum Portal. Capable of transmitting data instantaneously from one location to another. So naturally when portals were discovered we did everything we could to research them. One team made a portable E.N.D. portal that would allow transport to the E.N.D. from a device that could fit in your pocket. There was no major use for it so the research stopped there for that device. Another team tried taking an E.N.D. portal into the E.N.D. and seeing what happens when you go to the E.N.D. from the E.N.D., that team was never heard from again.

Our research combined the E.N.D. portal with the Quantum Portal. Seeing if it would be possible to teleport an entire building from one location to another by converting it into a matter stream and sending it through a Quantum Portal and an E.N.D. portal. The theory was ridiculous but that is what I love to research.

We built a small room that was suspended in our lab. Inside we had organic and non organic items to see what happens to things if they were teleported. The frame of the room was the ingenious part. It was made to convert everything inside it and itself into a raw matter stream... I should probably describe a matter stream. But I fear in doing so I will bore readers more than I already have. Think of it like an organic form of data. We discovered it while making the Quantum Portal but never had a use for it. In testing we found that the main difference between data streams and matter streams is that the missing part of life is transmitted. What some people would call the soul.

Anyway we made a room and tried teleporting it. Our first few attempts did not work that well. The first one turned to ash instantly and the second one somehow turned inside out and for some reason exploded. Eventually after months of failed attempts we made a successful attempt. We transported the room a full 40 meters. As far as we know no one else had done this.

But 40 meters wasn’t enough. We wanted to transport things into space. And hopefully in doing so make space travel more possible. So we got to work. We found if we amplified the Quantum Portal and flexed the E.N.D. portal using a magnetic field we could increase the distance traveled.

We were soon transporting an entire building to the edge of space. Granted we still had very limited control of where it would end up so we had to solve for the randomness of the E.N.D. portal. Something people had spent the last 5 years working on.

2 years into the project we hit a breakthrough. Another lab had discovered what we thought were stars in the E.N.D. portal were actually glimpses of the destination for teleportation. No one had ever been able to look close enough because if you got too close you were suddenly in the E.N.D..

We used the to develop a way to see and calculate the teleportation destination. Allowing us to pick a target. The E.N.D. portal itself shows every possible location you can teleport to in itself. This worried people but no portal has been found that can teleport into a structure unless a receiver is placed there.

With our new ability to teleport accurately we wanted to go to the extreme. What if we could teleport the portal with us. Meaning a spacecraft could jump from place to place skipping the trip in the middle.

That is how we built the Quantum Drive. It is able to use the instantaneous transportation of a portal to bring everything you need with it. Our lab was the 3rd test. The first 2 being a small room teleported to an empty field and a capsule with an astronaut teleporting to the edge of space where he was picked up by a passing space plane.

We built the lab in a year and made sure even if we end up in space we would survive until rescue came. Each of the crew volunteered knowing that we may be making a one way trip. Our goal was to take a the lab from one side of the planet to the other. As you probably know by now that didn’t happen.

The crew consists of 8 people. Each outstanding members of their fields and each are some of the bravest people I have ever known. You know me, well somehow I was picked as the head of this expedition but I turned it down giving it to James Reynolds. He has been to space more than anyone I know and is a good friend. We worked on the Quantum Drive’s navigation together and he was the astronaut that jumped in the 2nd test of it.

He has a degree in astronomy, astrophysics, and temporal engineering. The last one he went back to school for after schools started teaching about the E.N.D. portal. He currently resides in the lab’s protected entry hall where he studies the stars to see how far we are from home.

Next on the list is the person who will be keeping us alive. Amanda Gates, she is our doctor, botanist, physical trainer, and psychiatrist. She is trying to make sure we all stay sane while we are stuck her. A tough job I am glad I do not have.

Next we have William Rogers. He is the head of defense and security. Granted I don’t think abandoning your team counts as keeping them secure. He is a military trained member of our team, one of 2. And once his leg heals will probably be in charge of exploring our new home.

Up next is Rebecca Johnson. She is the head of research. She also is one of 3 people who have a full understanding of how the Quantum Drive works. Currently she is making sure we don’t die from some unknown factor here. Her lab is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Now that it is setup she has her own Quantum Portal and Quantum Data storage. We didn’t risk having it set up during the test but now we are here it was the first thing she worked on.

I should mention Rogers team… well the other member of the security team. Jason Smith has worked with us for years. He is the one who would secure all of our test that teleported to a random location. And is one person I would trust with my life.

Last up are our 2 engineers. We only planned on having one but considering they are both brothers and the best we could possibly get for our team we got Robert and Frank Wilson. Both of them have years of experience in every engineering field there is. And without their help we would have never gotten the lab built.

It seems like Rogers is awake. I should go talk to him.

Day 20:

The rest of the map is in. I have the satellite expanding the area it sees but that will take time because it is also trying to give more detail.

On the new map I can see 2 villages. One to the east of us about a day’s walk. The other is to the south west about 2 days away it is also not that easy to get to since it is past the water and cliffs.

Rogers already has Frank and Jason heading to the first village. They are taking food and supplies for a week and some materials to trade. They also have some of the tech we brought that will allow them to hide in plain sight and also a laser guns that should defend them. Reynolds and I are going to the south to see if it is possible to reach the other village. Rogers apologized for not waiting, now that he knows there isn’t anything close enough to the west.

Day 21:

Reynolds and I headed south yesterday to find the village. The mountain to our south is not that hard to climb, probably because we are near the top. Being outside the lab I realize how thin the air is here.

Just after reaching the top of the mountain we found a totem. I was glad of a sign of life but just looking at it made me feel empty.

Reynolds thought of something as we looked at where we needed to go. We have a laser that can be used to mine. So why not make the path through the towers of stone?

We have started a bridge using the same tech that made our tunnel out of the base.

Day 22:

We spent all day making the first bridge and gathering the lumber for it. We had to chop trees from the bottom of the cliff then drag them up the cliff and prep the wood for the bridge maker. We should have enough for the next bridge but we want to keep getting wood so we can make the rest of it. We should be able to complete it in a few days if the machine keeps working.

Day 23:

We have 3 bridges done. I can’t believe how fast we are making these. We had to block off some water to get the 3rd bridge across but that one is anchored and ready to cross.

The view up here is beautiful. I can’t wait for the others to see this.

Day 24:

We are across! We are making a route around the hill so we don’t deform more than we have to. I heard over the radio that Frank and Jason are back. Jason is heading to us and should be here tomorrow. They are waiting till he gets here to give us the report himself.

Day 25:

The first village is a no go… they are not fond of outsiders and tried to attack our men. Hopefully the other village is more friendly. We should be there tomorrow. For now the 3 of us are going to sleep overlooking this river.

Day 26:

I think we found a home if we need it. And I think we found some people that could use our help.

We reached the village and talked to the people and they love outsiders, since they don’t get many. Their village was originally a refugee camp from a war a decade ago. The decided it was a good place to live because it was hard to find so they made a village there. Problem is they didn’t know it was on top of a sinkhole. Parts of the village have already fallen and they had made plans to leave. I think we can fix their problem and help them keep their home. And possibly make it better.

We are going to head back for some supplies.

Day 28:

We have started work. We are reinforcing the foundation of some of the houses that have sunk. And we are raising one out of a pit. The villagers tell us that our technology is advanced but there are places here that have advanced technology. So we should see if we can find some places that might help us find home.

Day 30:

We have gotten a lot done in a few days. We reinforced the sink holes so they won’t expand, we lowered 2 houses safely and raised 2, and we started replacing the walkways here with wood along with making those walkways passable. A couple people from the village said they didn’t want to add to our work but asked if we could make a pass for them to reach other villages. We will work on that as soon as we are done making this town safe.

They also offered us the largest house they have in the town but we asked if we could take 2 of the small ones after we made them accessible again. They said we can, and we are helping make a new house with them. With all hands on deck we got the work done fast. Rogers and Gates stayed behind to work on the lab and let his leg rest. But every other resource we have has gone into this village getting on their feet again.

Once we have all their needs met we are going to start building a research outpost here under the village. We need a place that is part of this world to better study it.


Journal 2

Not found yet.


Journal 3

Still undescovered.