Testing? Testing?

Let's see if this works.

I should post something more in case this works. Jon and I spent most of last night working on the new site (which you are looking at now). And now I have a list longer than my arm of tech features to add to the site.

We are doing this as we revamp most of Quarantine Media, a process that will be happening over the next 6 months. As part of it we signed up for Sqaurespace since Google sites were not giving us the features we need. In case you are wondering here are some of the things we are planning on releasing within the next month:

  • New Minecraft Server
  • Streaming Schedule
  • New Videos
  • Audio podcast and new video podcasts
  • Video Collabs <-- one of the reasons we waited so long to release new stuff

We are working very hard to make 2016 a great year for our fans and see if we can't gain some new ones along the way.

-Burns (Jon Doe)

P.S. We have blogs now (well as long as this works)